IT STARTS WHEN WE'RE KIDS was Adam's New York Cabaret debut. It premiered at the Duplex in the summer of 2008, however, truth be told, this show originated in Muncie Indiana in early 2003. The idea came to Adam on a bus trip home from the American College Theatre Festival when someone put in a VHS tape of "The Muppets Take Manhattan" (yes, it was Adam's copy). Upon looking around, Adam noticed that watching this movie made all of these 20-something adults become 7 years old again. And thus, an early version of the show was created and performed in Indiana, to be fleshed out and fully realized in New York City with Musical Director A. Michael Tilford in 2008. It was then picked up by Daack-Evanicki productions and presented in the Orlando Fringe Festival in 2009, before a return engagement at the Duplex in summer of 2009.


The show celebrates the best family movies of the 20th century and, generation to generation, you're bound to find a favorite, whether you're a Muppet fan, a Disney fan, a hollywood musicals fan, live action, animation, live action AND animation, it's all there. Come reconnect with the movies you forgot you loved.